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Upcoming Event

Fernando de Noronha 508° Anniversary

10 Aug 2015

On August 10th of 2011, Fernando de Noronha celebrates its 508th anniversary. To celebrate the anniversary, every year, the administration of the island holds cultural programming, presenting local and non-local artists.

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Fernando de Noronha hotels and tours

Welcome to Fernando de Noronha! A Paradise in Brazil!

Fernando de Noronha is a tiny group of islands 340km from the Brazilian coast. This archipelago consists of twenty small islands and one large one. All of them have beautiful beaches with the most amazing marine life in their clear waters. You will find your Fernando de Noronha Pousada on the large island which is also the starting point for tours exploring the outer Noronha islands. With a population of only 2100 residents, the Fernando de Noronha islands are developing tourism in a sustainable way, finding a balance to preserve the beautiful ecological sanctuary. There are Noronha hotels to suit every budget.

Its sheer distance from the mainland has kept this archipelago as beautiful as it was five centuries ago, when it was discovered by the famous Portuguese navigator Americo Vespucio. It is located some two hundred miles off Natal, on the north eastern coast of Brazil. The Fernando de Noronha islands are governed and administered by the State of Pernambuco.

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Fernando de Noronha geography

It is only recently that the Fernando de Noronha islands have been zeroed in on as a holiday destination and a dream getaway. Its distance from the shore does not seem to be a limiting factor as the islands are attracting tourists with regularity, even if it is to just see the sun setting on the sea.

Formed as a result of volcanic activity of the mountains beneath the Atlantic, the Noronha islands span an area of only seventeen square kilometres and is 340km from the coast. With a population of only 2100, it is developing tourism in a sustainable way, finding a balance to preserve the beautiful ecological sanctuary.

How long to stay in Fernando de Noronha

To do full justice to your Fernando de Noronha travel experience, a minimum of five days is required. It is only then that you can enjoy the abundance of natural beauty that the Noronha islands have to offer. Plan your Fernando de Noronha travel after considering the several options available with tour operators and you can select what appeals to you the most.

Fernando de Noronha history

The early settlers on the Fernando de Noronha islands were the Portuguese who arrived in 1503 when Americo Vespucio claimed the land for them. They built a fortress at Vila dos Remedios, which is now in ruins. Vila dos Remedios is also the most inhabited town on the island, and where you will find most of your Noronha pousada options. The Noronha islands were initially used as a prison. Later they were used as a stopover for flights headed to Europe. During the Second World War, Noronha was also a location for an airbase, which the Brazilian Air Force still uses even today.

The Fernando de Noronha islands are teeming with all types of wildlife. However, the human population is quite small and even tourism is restricted to a mere 420 people at a time on the island. The number is further controlled by the fact that the longer one stays on the islands, the higher the permit fee. The island is also home to Brazil's shortest national highway, the sole paved road here.

Find a Fernando de Noronha Pousada

Although there is only one hotel in Noronha, many pousadas cater to visitors and are up to full capacity in the summer. Our interactive map shows all of our Fernando de Noronha pousadas. Earlier, lodging was available in some rustic inns and in the houses of residents of the island. However, lately some upscale hostels have emerged to host the island's tourists.

Fernando de Noronha environment

It was in 1970 that nearly three-fourths of the archipelago was included in the National Marine Sanctuary of Fernando de Noronha. Called the PN Fernando de Noronha, it is aimed at conserving and protecting both the marine and land environments of the archipelago. The conservation effort has been particularly helpful in protecting the sea turtle population.

This land is indeed Brazil's hidden treasure and today the Fernando de Noronha islands are a benchmark in environmental protection. The clear and warm waters of the equatorial region around the Noronha islands beckon snorkelers and divers and also underwater photographers. There are nearly sixteen beautiful beaches you can choose from. One can view at least two hundred species of fish, as well as sea turtles, dolphins, and sharks.

Fernando de Noronha activities

Apart from offering a range of underwater activities, Fernando de Noronha is also a great place for surfers. The beaches, especially those facing Brazil's Atlantic coast, are full of Brazilian surfers who ride waves which are nearly two metres high and which sometimes reach even five metres in height. Beaches which are superb for surfing in Fernando de Noronha include Bode Beach, Boldró, Cacimba do Padre, Meio and Conceição. There are other beaches which are more remote and you can reach them either by mountain biking, walking or riding. Trekking in the interior of the Noronha islands is another popular activity you can enjoy. This way you can partake of some of the best views in Brazil.

To delve into the past of Noronha island, a visit to the hundred-year-old chapel Capela de Nossa Senhora da Conceição (Our Lady of the Conception) and the many fortresses present on the Noronha islands are a must. A visit to the fortress also ensures that you get some of the best views of the archipelago. A visit to the museum called Memorial Noronhense - Espaço Cultural Américo Vespúcio will get you acquainted with some of the islands' stories and legends.

There are many other interesting sites on Fernando de Noronha Island. For instance, the Baía dos Porcos beach has some remarkable rock sculptures. If you are visiting during the rainy season, then do go to the waterfall at Praia do Sancho. There is a divine natural swimming pool too nestled amongst the rocks at Praia do Atalaia. The highest point on the island is a rocky structure called Morro do Pico, standing 321 metres high (1,053 feet). The sunset at this point is a real treat.

Some of our favorite activities on the island are dolphin spotting on the Baia dos Golfinhos Trail, hand-picking a secret beach of Fernando de Noronha that is perfect for snorkelling, and cruising around the island on breathtaking boat rides around Noronha. We have extensive knowledge of all the best hiking and trails to be found on the island.  We love calling Fernando de Noronha our home and we can't wait to share it with you.

Fernando de Noronha weather

Throughout the year the Fernando de Noronha islands have an even and pleasant temperature which hovers around 26°C (79°F). The rainy season from February to July is also a refreshing part of the year at Fernando de Noronha.

Starting at Caieira Beach, the Atalaia Trail passes through three natural pools, including Atalaia, and offers a spectacular panoramic view of the outer sea of Fernando de Noronnha.

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Discovery Scuba Diving is a great introduction to the wonderful underwater world of diving. After your introductory dive class sit back and enjoy an underwater baptism, one of the most popular diving activities on Fernando de Noronha island!

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Leaving from Porto Santo Antonio daily in both the morning and afternoon, this three-hour boat ride tour takes you to visit the nearby secondary islands. Incridible views can become even more interesting during Boat Rides tour with the spinning dolphins performing their acrobatics near the embarkation point in Fernando de Noronha.

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The Open Water Diving Course in Fernando de Noronha is completed in 4 days. There are four theory, evening classes where subjects like equipment, physics of the gases, diving physiology and aspects of safety and planning will be approached. Each class takes about 2 hours.

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Pousada Zé Maria is considered one of the best pousadas in Fernando de Noronha and Brazil. From its humble beginnings as a guest house it has expanded in an environmentally friendly way, and now consists of six standard apartments, nine bungalows and three special bungalows.

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The architectural project of Pousada Teju-Açu leaves almost no mark on the soil of Fernando de Noronha. The bungalows and the leisure and service areas are constructed over platforms and the construction material is mainly from recycled wood.

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The name of Pousada Solar de Loronha means "the house of the noble". This is the treatment given by the inn to all the noble guests, since opening on 25 December 2002 in Fernando de Noronha. Its construction fuses guests' comfort with nature presevation.

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Located close to Sueste Beach, Pousada Maravilha offers an extraordinary view of the Fernando de Noronha ocean and has an Environmental Administration System in place to defend and preserve its environment. Professional, internationally-experienced staff make your trip comfortable and private.

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Pousada Solar dos Ventos is situated only 300m away from Baía do Sueste (Sueste Bay) where there are great concentrations of fish, octopus, skates and mainly marine turtles, which can be easily seen during diving in Fernando de Noronha.

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The Honeymoon Package at Pousada Maravilha includes a special decoration in the Honeymoon Bungalow and a romantic boat ride at the sunset.

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The Honeymoon Package at Pousada Zé Maria includes a special honeymoon decoration and a fresh fruits basket at the bungalow!

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The Honeymoon Package at Pousada do Vale is for those who wants to enjoy the island in an exclusive way. Includes a Therapeutic Massage and other gifts for the couple. All services provided with a special treatment for just the two of you!

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The Honeymoon Package at Pousada Teju-Açu includes a special honeymoon decoration at the bungalow and a welcome bottle of sparkling wine!

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The Honeymoon Package is for those who wants to enjoy the island in an exclusive way. Includes a Private Island Tour with english assistance, a romantic boat ride at the sunset. All services provided with a special treatment for just the two of you!

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Caring for the destinations in which we work is a core whl.travel value. You too can make a difference by booking from local businesses that care. Look for accommodation and tours displaying the round green caring for the destination icon shown here...

Welcome to paradise!

Fernando de Noronha hotels team

Get to know Pedro Capelossi from Trip Noronha and his local partners, your local connection in Fernando de Noronha. Fernando de Noronha is known worldwide for its incredible diving, and as an avid diver and dive instructor, I look forward to sharing with you the magic of the archipelago's rich ocean floor. Trip Noronha has an everlasting preoccupation with local tourism and we work tirelessly with locals and tourists to ensure the ongoing preservation of the islands untouched natural environment.

On this site, we have hand-selected locally-owned and small-scale accommodations such as the pousadas Fernando de Noronha is famous for, as well as a large variety of mid-range Fernando de Noronha hotels and even top end hotels, several of which are recognised for their responsible travel initiatives.  Help us bring the benefits of tourism directly to the local economy and reward environmental stewardship by booking through www.noronha.travel


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