Baia dos Porcos (Pigs Bay) in Fernando de Noronha

Our team

We are local to Fernando de Noronha and want you to discover the real Fernando de Noronha we know and love, no matter what your travel budget may be. We will love to help you find a unique and interesting experiences, in a way that respects and benefits the locals and their environment. Check out the Fernando de Noronha packages we currently have on offer.  As your local contact in Fernando de Noronha, we also negotiate special offers just for you.

Our Story

Trip Noronha officially started their services as a tourism agency in 2006, though it was six years before when Pedro Capelossi arrived in Fernando de Noronha as a tourist and never again left it.

As a diving instructor he has done more than 5 thousand dives making come true the dream of more than 20 thousand divers; get to know the archipelago’s rich ocean floor.

Working always through partnerships with local companies and guides, Pedro has always given total support in the training process to qualify new diving instructors and technical divers.

Fernando de Noronha
Boat Ride in Fernando de Noronha
Sancho Bay in Fernando de Noronha