Fernando de Noronha Hotels

Fernando de Noronha has many options of accommodation, for all profiles of travelers.

To help you to find the best accommodation for you, we at Trip Noronha works with a classification, where we group the lodges with more similar structures and closer price ranges. We offer 3 types of accommodation, Economy, Superior and Luxury.

It is important to note that Trip Noronha only works with regular accommodations. Today with the entry of OTAs (booking.com, Airbnb and others) in Fernando de Noronha there is a wide variety of informal accommodation available. We prefer to offer better services for a fair price, and be sure that our customers will be well served.

If you search for an OTA for accommodation in Fernando de Noronha, you will find a many options with prices below average. These are informal hostels, which usually do not pay government fees, do not offer quality services and if you have any problem, might be hard to solve.


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