After years helping thousands of people organize the long-awaited trip to Fernando de Noronha, I realized that one of the most frequently asked questions is "What is the best time to visit Fernando de Noronha?".

Certainly this is a point that should be studied calmly because in some cases will determine the date of your trip.

With global warming and constant climate change we have seen around the world in recent years, it is increasingly difficult to make very accurate predictions, but Fernando de Noronha presents a quite different climate in different months of the year.

I often say that the best season depends a lot on your profile. If you are a diver, surfer, travel with small children, love parties, Noronha has the best time for all types of travelers.

To make it easier, let's talk in the profile of the tourist and relate to the best season for each of them.


Best Surfing Season in Fernando de Noronha

Surfing at Cacimba do Padre in Fernando de Noronha
Surfing at Cacimba do Padre in Fernando de Noronha

The surfing season on the island usually starts in mid-December and runs through late March or mid-April.

If you are a surfer and just go to Noronha to practice your favorite sport, I advise you to plan your trip between January and February. You will hardly find a flat sea.

If you want to enjoy the island more, and if you have the opportunity, catch some waves, it can vary between the months mentioned above. It is not difficult to see the entrance of a large swell in November or even at the end of April, but are transient curling that do not hold for long periods.

If you do not want to go to Noronha and do not even get a chance to catch some waves, forget the months of August and September.

Accommodation for Surfers in Fernando de Noronha

We recommend these hotels for surfers in Fernando de Noronha:

Pousada da Praia

Pousada Canto do Boldró

Pousada do Marcílio

These options are close to the Conceição and Boldró beaches.

Best Diving Season in Fernando de Noronha

Scuba Diving in Fernando de Noronha
Scuba Diving in Fernando de Noronha

The dive in Fernando de Noronha is good all year long. However, you should keep in mind some factors that can, and should, influence your decision.

Between the rough sea months, mid-December to mid-March, the inland sea is in unstable conditions and it is not difficult to see all the dive boats going to the outer sea. At this time, navigation is more complicated. The more agitated sea on the surface impairs the stability of the boats and, for those who are not accustomed, can feel quite nauseous. The quality of the dives is very good, both in visibility and in marine life. The most coveted diving spots on the island are right on the sea.

Between April and end of June is the rainy season on the island. As we are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, it is not common to see long rains that last days and days ruining your trip. The most common are rainfalls at the beginning of the day and late afternoon. Therefore, the dives at this time are equally good, sometimes they lose luminosity but not visibility.

The outer sea begins to receive stronger winds and is very agitated, and to be able to dive there, depends on some factors. In addition to the sea conditions themselves, the group of divers should be aware and willing to sail in the heavier sea, sometimes with stronger currents and therefore, should be a more experienced group.

The most common is to dive in the inner sea dive spots.

Accommodation for Divers in Fernando de Noronha

As the diving trips always includes pick-up service from/to your accommodation, you can choose the best for you according to your budget and your needs. Here you will find a list of good places to stay in Fernando de Noronha

Best season for parties in Fernando de Noronha

New Years Eve in Fernando de Noronha
New Years Eve in Fernando de Noronha

The most agitated period of the island is certainly the turn of the year. In recent years, the New Year in Fernando de Noronha has gained fame and it is very common to find actors, singers and famous personalities on the island in this period.

The price of the packages increases a lot because the airlines and accommodations are sure of the sale and end up charging values well above other dates.

If you are willing to shell out around 50% more, do not think twice. The island is packed with amazing parties and luaus every day and night.

Outside New Year's Eve, there are other national holidays and local holiday dates that also attract a lot of people.

Accommodation for Party Lovers in Fernando de Noronha

If you really like to enjoy parties and night life, we recommend to stay at Vila dos Remédios, Vila da Floresta Nova or Vila da Floresta Velha.

Vila dos Remédios

Pousada Simpatia da Ilha
Pousada Del Mares
Nova Pousada Golfinho
 Pousada Corveta
Pousada Germana
Pousada Tubarão
Pousada do Vale

Vila da Floresta Velha

Pousada Zé Maria
Pousada Triboju
Pousada Morena
Pousada da Filó
Pousada Cantinho Feliz

Vila da Floresta Nova

Pousada Atobá
Pousada Mar Atlantico
Pousada Naiepe
Pousada Pedras Secas
Pousada Verdes Mares
Pousada Maria Bonita

Best Season to travel with kids to Fernando de Noronha

Travelling with kids to Fernando de Noronha
Travelling with kids to Fernando de Noronha

Traveling with children to Fernando de Noronha may seem crazy to some people, but if you plan your trip, it will be a very pleasant trip with your kids.

I have a 4 year old son today, and he's been to the island 3 times. Children enjoy every minute and regardless of age it is very good idea taking the little ones to know this paradise.

With no doubt, the best time to visit Fernando de Noronha with children is between August and October. In October already runs the risk of catching some "Swell", but August and September hardly this occurs.

With the sea stopped, Praia do Porto becomes an incredible playground. You can see turtles, rays and various species of fish without getting up from the chair at the edge of the beach.

The beaches of Cachorro, Meio and Conceição are also great options and your children will love it.

If for any reason you couldn´t travel in these months, or even if you preffer an accommodation with better structure, check it out for some options of lodging with swimming pool in Fernando de Noronha.

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  1. the very best time to visit Noronha is the period between August and October, when the beaches of Sancho and Porcos look their best. During that time, the sea on the continental side of is like a millpond. Shortly after that, the currents change and in January and February surfing competitions are held on those very same beaches.

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