Boat Ride in Fernando de Noronha

BRL 190,00 per person

Regular Boat Ride

Leaving from Porto Santo Antonio daily in the morning, this three hour boat ride takes you to the nearby secondary islands. Incredible views can become even more interesting during Boat Ride tour with spinning dolphins doing their acrobatics near the boat.

After visiting the secondary islands, you will discover the beaulty of Ponta da Sapata (southern region) and then, you will be delighted with Baia do Sancho. This beach was voted the most beaultiful beach in the world for 2 times at TripAdvisor.

Trovão dos Mares Boat Ride in Fernando de Noronha.

BRL 300,00 per person

Trovão dos Mares

The boat ride with the Trovão dos Mares (Thunder of the Seas) despite making basic the same route of the regular tour, it offers a different on-board service and at more pleasant times. The boat is equipped with a kitchen, bar area, two private bathrooms and an upper deck with panoramic views.

The tour on board the catamaran Trovão dos Mares begins at 9:00 am and lasts approximately 5 hours.

During the stop at Sancho Bay you will be served a buffet prepared on board during the tour of the kitchen staff, overlooking the Bay of Sancho.

You can also include the Tow Diving in the same trip. It depends of the sea conditions, so if possible, you can pay BRL50,00 on board to complete your adventure!

Tow In in Fernando de Noronha

BRL 175,00 per person

Tow Diving

The Tow Diving was actually invented in Fernando de Noronha. It uses the same equipment used in free diving, just a mask, snorkel and fins.

Is different from the snorkeling because you can cover a much larger area than if you were only swimming with fins.

Holding a small board and towed by a small motorboat you are able to experience the sensation of flying and also maneuver the board to turn, go up and down. It depends on your breath. A small theoretical class is given on board to present the procedures of Tow Diving and signs used to communicate with the crew.

Sunset in Fernando de Noronha

BRL 275,00 per person

VIP Sunset

The VIP Sunset is the perfect tour for those who want to relax in the afternoon, see the paradisiacal landscapes of the north coast of Fernando de Noronha and enjoy the sunset on the high seas!

Throughout the trip, you can do the Tow Diving and appreciat the natural beauties that are hide in the sea of Fernando de Noronha. During the trip are served snacks and grilled fish, made on board to the delight of the passengers.
For lovers of the sunset, this is one of the best ways to admire and also enjoy the nature of the beautiful archipelago. The tow diving allows a privileged view of the immensity of the sea that bathes this paradise island.

Boat Ride and Spinner Dolphins in Fernando de Noronha.

BRL 2800,00 per boat (up to 8 passengers)

Private Boat Tours

All the above tours can be done privately. Whether you are in a group, family or even want more privacy for your trip, we can arrange for you.

You can do just the boat ride, you can include the tow diving, you can request services like a lunch (grilled fish or sushi), it can be done in the morning or late afternoon to watch the sunset on the high seas.
Anyway, it is a totally personalized tour. Just ask us and we arrange everything for you.

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