Scuba Diving in Fernando de Noronha


Certified Divers

There are Scuba Diving operations for registered divers every morning and afternoon. Certain rules and patterns must be followed within the area of the National Marine Park of Fernando de Noronha. Gloves and knives are forbidden, as well as touching and collecting anything from the bottom.

All the dives in Noronha are guided by instructors or Dive Masters, one instructor for each four divers. The Scuba Diving operations always include diving in two different points. Ibama only allows one embarkation in each diving point, so, it is impossible to guarantee which will be the diving points available the next day. The points are usually defined just before the embarkment, but considering the quantity and quality of the diving points in Noronha that is not a problem. When you buy a Scuba Diving package with two or more dives they are always in different points.

Lets book some dive trips

If you are a certified diver with no more than 2 years without a dive, you can book these trips.


If your last dive was about 2 years ago, you´ll need to do a Scuba Review first.