Sunset in Fernando de Noronha

How long to stay

Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is a very small destination in territory (only 17 km²), surrounded by water on all sides and the nearest town is 360 km away. With these characteristics, most people think that only 2 or 3 days would be sufficient to know the archipelago.

Is it really enough to know the beaches, lookouts and trails? Will you have time to diving? Are you going to take time to see dolphins?

The answer will depend on your profile.
Are you a traveler who likes to meet several places in one trip? Visiting only the essential, the most famous of each destination?

Or you are one of those who likes to do things with time to explore the destination. Regardless of your profile, Fernando de Noronha offers attractions for everyone.

03 Nights Package

Day 1 - Disembark at the airport, check in at your accommodation and run to see the sunset at Fort Nossa Senhora dos Remédios.

At night, you can visit one of the several good restaurants in the island, rest and start the other day early.

Day 2 - Island Tour - Full day tour to get an overview of the island. For those who have little time, I highly recommend it. So you will know the main attractions (dry) of the island. The tour ends always with the sunset in the Fort of Boldró.

Day 3 - Dolphin Trail - Early in the morning, head to the entrance of Sancho Beach, take the Dolphin's Track and head down to Sancho Beach. If you do it early, you can enjoy it well and do another afternoon trip.

Still on Day 3 – Discovery Dive in the afternoon. An incredible and unique experience. Very safe and the quality of diving is amazing.

Day 4 - Boat Ride - Always leaving in the morning, the regular boat ride, is the easiest way to see dolphins up close.

With 3 nights, it's time to go back to the lodge and pack. Travel a little short is not it?


05 Nights Package

Cool, you have a little more time to enjoy the island.

The 5 night itineraries gives you opportunity to calm down and relax n the beautiful beaches of Fernando de Noronha..

Day 4 - Tired of the rush of the rides of the previous days? Take the afternoon off. Go to Conceição Beach or the one you liked during the island tour and relax. You deserve!!!

Day 5 – Take the morning to relax and in the afternoon enjoy the VIP Sunset. A Boat Ride, visiting Cacimba do Padre and Conceição Beach, including the tow diving and also some snacks to admire the sunset.

Day 6 - How about a snorkeling in the Sueste ??? A closed bay and sea turtle feeding region. It is very common to find many turtles, small lemon sharks, rays and many fish.

Tip!!! - In Sueste there are always several guides available. If you do not have a lot of affinity with the diving equipment yet, hire one of them to go with you. He will guide you, show the animals, help with the equipment and even tow you if you get very tired.


07 Nights Package

Yeah! You got a whole week off to spend in Fernando de Noronha.

Now, besides the itinerary above, you have two more days to choose between trying a surf lesson, stand up paddle, Hawaiian canoe, do some trails. It will depending on the season you travel.

Now, if you are a certified diver, there is not enough time. Fernando de Noronha has more than 30 dive sites. Incredible visibility, abundant marine life and total safety with dive operators.

Anyway, as you have noticed, there is a lot to do in Fernando de Noronha and depending on your profile.

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