Fernando de Noronha

Getting to Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is connected by daily flights to the Brazilian cities of Recife and Natal. The flight duration from Recife to Noronha is one hour and fifteen minutes, covering a distance of 540km. From Natal, Noronha is at a distance of 350km and it takes one hour to get there.

It´s also possible to fly from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and other cities from Brazil.

Two airlines operate in Fernando de Noronha  - Gol Airlines and Azul Airlines. Since there are limited flights and the demand is high, the air ticket prices are quite steep and you need to book way in advance. Only a limited number of visitors are allowed onto the islands at a time, a rule which is stringently followed by IBAMA, the local environment authority. In addition, an environment protection tax about $20 must be paid for each day's stay in the island. You can find more information through the Official Fernando de Noronha Web Site .

Once you are visiting a National Marine Park, each visitor needs to pay a fee to have access to some beaches and trails. You can pay in advance through the ICMBio website

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