Buraco da Raquel e Ilhas Secundárias ao fundo.

BRL 200,00 per person

Island Tour - Regular

The Island Tour is very interesting for those who have only a few days on the island or for those who want an overview of Fernanado de Noronha island so that they can sit back, relax and enjoy their favourite places during the rest of their stay.

The Island Tour begins very early, at about 8 o'clock, and finishes after the sunset.

You´ll visit the most beautiful beaches of Fernando de Noronha and you will also have great opportunities to take pictures, go snorkelling in the transparent waters, and if you are lucky you can see some turtles, fish, lobsters...

Your day will end with a Sunset at São Pedro do Boldró Fort, one of the most famous places to see it.

The guides are all trained by Ibama and always have many things to tell about the island, some are true stories, some are legends but they are all interesting!

The guide will choose the best itinerary at the moment.  Some beaches should be visited at the high or low tide, especially where the snorkelling can be done.

You propably will visit the following places:

  • Sueste Bay
  • Caracas Viewpoint
  • Leão Beach
  • Dolphins Bay Viewpoint
  • Sancho and Baía dos Porcos Viewpoint
  • Cacimba do Padre Beach
  • Boldro Beach
  • Conceição, Meio and Cachorro´s Beach
  • Vila dos Remédios (Main Village)
  • Santo Antonio´s Bay (Port)
  • Buraco da Raquel (Viewpoint)
  • Shark´s Museum
Sunset in Fernando de Noronha

BRL 1200,00 per car (up to 4 passengers)

Island Tour - Private

The Private Island Tour option gives you a personalized experience in Fernando de Noronha. Made in buggy with up to 4 people, the guide and driver will make the ride at your pace. If you prefer to spend more time taking pictures, ok, if you prefer to spend more time doing snorkeling, ok, etc ...

Some guides speak a little English, but if you think you need a guide that is fluent, we can arrange this at an extra cost.

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We recommend doing the Island Tour as soon as your first day on the island.