Scuba Diving in Fernando de Noronha


Open Water Diving Course

The first practical class of Open Water Diving Course which is usually done in a swimming pool, in Noronha is done at Praia do Porto or Praia do Sueste, depending on the conditions of the sea. That only increases the quality of the training because from the beginning you will be in a real diving situation, with some waves, currents and fish, a lot of fish. In the first day of practice you begin to handle and get used to all the diving equipment.

Depending on your performance the other three days of Open Water Diving Course will be accomplished by embarking on two dives each day. In the six remaining dives you will use the theoretical knowledge you learned in the theory classes. All the exercises done at the beach will be redone a little deeper. The best advantage of doing the basic course in Fernando de Noronha is being in Fernando de Noronha! This area offers rich fauna and flora, comfortable temperature, incredible visibility, and short navigation among other advantages.


Remember, you need at least 5 days in the island to complete the course.

Reef Shark in Fernando de Noronha


Advanced Open Water Diving Course

The Advanced Diving Course in Fernando de Noronha is taught in 4 days. There are 4 nights of theory where topics such as equipment, gas physics, physiology applied to diving, safety aspects, decompression theory and planning will be addressed.

The advanced course includes 5 different diving specialties. Three of them are mandatory: Night Diving, Deep Diving and Underwater Navigation. Besides the obligatory can be taught specialties like Search and Recovery, Multilevel Diving, Current Diving and Environment.

It will take around 2 hours per night.

The practical part includes 7 dives where the respective specialties will be applied. There are 3 trips during the day with two dives each (mornings or afternoons) and another one at night (with only 1 dive).

Depending on the chosen specialties one or two trips can be made in Praia do Porto.


Remember, you must have the Open Water Diving Course and 8 dives minimum.