Surfing in Fernando de Noronha

The surfing season in Fernando de Noronha runs from December through March, and some beaches on the island show why Fernando de Noronha is called the Brazilian Hawaii.

Tubular waves that reaches the incredible 15 feet in big swell days and challenge even the renowned surfers who always surf in Fernando de Noronha.

For those who want to surf in Fernando de Noronha, don´t go in the middle of the year when the sea is very, very flat.

I already wrote in an earlier post on the Best time to visit Fernando de Noronha depending on your profile.

Look on the blog to better understand the best options for you.

As I mentioned earlier, the best months for surfing in Fernando de Noronha are December, January, February and March, and in February a big Swell is practically guaranteed. At least it has happened in the last 20 years

Surfing in Cacimba do Padre - Fernando de Noronha

Surfing Fernando de Noronha

Until the year 2012 we used to have a WQS event in Fernando de Noronha, but being in an island as Fernando de Noronha, they have many difficulties with the transmission of the event and also  other factors, and unfortunately, this event left the circuit.

Now, after many negotiation between sponsors and the administration of the island, in February 2019, the WQS event happened again in Fernando de Noronha.

With participation of big names as Gabriel Medina, the dispute crowned Jadson André as the champion

Now back to what matters in this post.

There are several good beaches for Surfing in Fernando de Noronha, but first I´ll talk about Cacimba do Padre.

I think every surfer has heard about Cacimba do Padre tubes and probably dream in surf this wave.

Besides the perfect wave, you´ll have an awesome look, with Morro Dois Irmãos in the background

Other famous beaches for surfing in Fernando de Noronha are the beaches of Cachorro, Meio and Conceição, with smaller waves and more suitable for beginners, these beaches also have easier access.

For those who are staying in Vila dos Remédios, you can go walking easily.

The beaches of Boldró and Bode already have bigger waves and rock bottom, needs a special care and a little more experience. Access is a little more difficult and a buggy will help a lot.

Surfing at Porto Beach in Fernando de Noronha

Surfing at Porto Beach in Fernando de Noronha

Porto beach is another place that attracts many surfers. In a good surfing days, huge waves hit the region as well. Don´t worry! You will not dispute the waves with the boats. The surf spot on Porto beach is different from the place where boats are anchored.

In this same region, there are 1 or 2 days a year of epic waves on the island. The peaks are called Abras and Rurus.

They only roll when the swell is too big anyway. Those who have had the opportunity to surf these waves never forget.


Praia do Porto: Only break with the big sea. Left is the most common. Better in the high tide.

Abras: This is the point break with great lefts on the island. Also it only happens when the sea is very big. Access to the spot is a little tricky, it´s good to talk with the locals surfers. Better in the morning at low tide.

Rurus: Neighbor of the Abras this wave only breaks in epic days. To get there is the same thing of Abras and it is highly recommended to be with someone who really knows the peak. Better at high tide because at low tide the rocks come to surface.

Cachorro Beach: One of the spots most frequented by locals, even because of the easy access. It is very common to find the dive master guide, the waiter, running to the beach in the late afternoon to surfing some waves. There is a short but very funny right near the rocks.

Conceição Beach: With sand bottom, offer good waves during the whole season. Both right and left. The beach has easy access and is very busy in the wave season. That´s the beach where you will find a good structure of services, including Duda Rei Bar that always helps to cool down after the surfing day.

Bode Beach: With rights and heavy lefts the Laje do Bode is quite famous. For sure you have seen  photos of this wave in magazines. We recommend a special care with the stone bottom.

Boldró Beach: Option for the days when Cacimba is not good. High waves at low tide in the morning. The rock bottom requires a special care.


If you prefer not to take your surfboard to Fernando de Noronha, that's fine... It´s possible to rent boards with Felipe at Jacaré's Bar. He is an experienced shaper and in the wave season he is always on the island.

If you plan to travel to Noronha out of the surfing season, I do not really suggest taking the surfboard. Carry a surfboard to the island in August / September is just a waste of time the chance of not surfing is 99%.

And still, if Neptune revolts and sends a swell out of time, you can still rent the board.

In addition to the Felipe of Jacare´s Bar you can look for Raimar of the Surf School of Fernando de Noronha.

So…  that's it. I hope it helps to organize your surf trip to Fernando de Noronha, or inspires you to surf  the most beautifull waves of Brazil.

Have you surfed those waves? Tell people how it was ... Leave a comment and help other travelers.

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2 thoughts on “Surfing in Fernando de Noronha”

  1. Excellent break down. Useful advice for surf. Now where can I catch some body womp there even in September?

    1. Hi Christopher. It´s realy hard to find any waves in September.
      What I reccomend you is to ask for some local surfer the day before. Maybe you are lucky and find a small swell in this period. But it´s not commom.

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