Today we will talk a little about the neighborhoods of Fernando de Noronha and try to assist you in choosing your accommodation by the location on the island.

If you have searched for this information on the internet, you should have read several times that the best option is Vila dos Remédios, which is the center of the island. Well, that depends on what you want and we'll explain why.

The main island of the Fernando de Noronha Archipelago is the only one inhabited, so it’s the only lodging option.

We have several neighborhoods on the island, and now we´ll talk a little about each neighborhood and help in choosing your lodging.


Pousada do Vale Swimming Pool
Pousada do Vale Swimming Pool in Fernando de Noronha

The good thing about staying at Vila dos Remédios is the location, it's the main centre of the island.

It is also close to the Cachorro, Meio and Conceição beaches, next to the only taxi company of the island, has several bars, restaurants including Restaurante Cacimba.

The Cacimba restaurant is one of the best in the island. You will be delighted with the spetacular food, don´t forget to try the Lobster Pastel), pharmacy and a small market.

There are several options of accommodation located at Vila dos Remedios, as Pousada Simpatia da Ilha, Pousada Del Mares , Nova Pousada Golfinho, Pousada seu Dodó, Pousada Corveta, Pousada Germana, Pousada Malibu, Pousada Tubarão e Pousada do Vale.

Close to Vila dos Remedios, is located the only option of accommodation right on the Beach, Pousada da Praia, located at Conceição Beach.


Pousada Morena Swimming Pool
Pousada Morena Swimming Pool in Fernando de Noronha

We have several options of pousadas located at Floresta Velha  in Fernando de Noronha and the distance from Vila dos Remédios is quite small.

At Floresta Velha neighborhood  is where are the school, O Pico restaurant and the famous restaurant of Pousada Zé Maria.

There are many options of accommodation, among them 3 of the best pousadas on the island, Pousada Zé Maria, Pousada Triboju and Pousada Morena.

You will also find many other options, as Pousada da Filó, Pousada Cantinho Feliz and Pousada Tio João.


Pousada Maria Bonita Swimming Pool
Pousada Maria Bonita Swimming Pool in Fernando de Noronha

Floresta Nova is one of the newest neighborhoods on the island despite its proximity to Vila dos Remédios. Just cross the BR363 that you are already there.

Initially only wooden houses were allowed, but there are already some other constructions today.

Besides the inns, we have the Hospital São Lucas, the Hyperbaric Chamber of the island and some options of restaurants.

I believe that the location of the Floresta Nova is one of the best on the island. Almost all the streets are dead end, which brings more calm and silence all day.

You will find several inns in this neighborhood, some that I would like to mention are the Pousada Atobá, Pousada Mar Atlantico, Pousada Estrela do Mar, Pousada Beco de Noronha, Pousada Naiepe, Pousada Pedras Secas, Pousada Verdes Mares and Pousada Maria Bonita that recently welcomed the soccer player Neymar Jr.


Pousada da Villa in Fernando de Noronha
Pousada da Villa in Fernando de Noronha

The accommodations in Vila do Trinta in Fernando de Noronha, in general are simpler inns.

In this neighborhood you will find some markets, the bakery the base of the Military Police, police station and the only gym of bodybuilding of the island.

Some restaurants like Varanda and Palhoça da Colina are highly recommended. We also have the Pizzaria Na Moita that serves a very good pizza in a very cozy place.

In this neighborhood is also located the entry for the Atalaia Trail.

You will find at Vila do Trinta many options of accommodation as Pousada Monsieur Rocha, Pousada da Villa, Pousada da Mana, Pousada Nascer do Sol (that has been recently renewed), Pousada Dois Irmãos and Pousada Alto da Vila.


Dolphin Hotel in Fernando de Noronha
Dolphin Hotel in Fernando de Noronha

Vila do Boldró does not have many lodging options, even for the size of the neighborhood.

In this area we have the Visitors Center of the Tamar Project, where lectures take place every night, the ICMBio office where you can schedule your trails and get lots of information about the island.

The main attraction is Praia do Boldró.

I recommend the lodges in this area if you plan to rent a buggy if you are going to surf, or even if you do not mind the distance from the main centre of the island.

At Vila do Boldró, you will find few options of accommodation as Ecocharme Pousada do Marcílio and Pousada Topázio.

Close to there you can also find Dolphin Hotel and Pousada Teju Açu.


Ocean View at Pousada Maravilha
Ocean View at Pousada Maravilha in Fernando de Noronha

The only guest houses at Baía do Sueste,  are the incredible Pousada Maravilha and Pousada Solar dos Ventos.

Both are excellent inns with above average rates, focused o people who wants to enjoy the island with luxury and comfort, honeymoon packages and commemorative dates.

The two have their own resturants and an incredible view of the Baía do Sueste, one of the most beautiful views of the island.

Here, for sure you will need some kind of driving to do anything on the island. It is close to the airport and there are not many things there, besides Sueste Beach.

Besides the neighborhoods above, we still have the Porto Santo Antonio.
You can even find some kind of lodging in the area as Pousada Santuario, Apartamento Porto Beiramar and Pousada Naonda, but they are still informal inns, and they are far from everything, except the Port where the nautical tours and dives.
The Porto Beach is also a good beach depending on the season of the year. At Porto Santo Antonio Area, you will find the Restaurante Mergulhão, and Museu dos Tubarões.
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